Almost There!

You've probably heard that this week the Ann Arbor City Council gave final approval to the Ann Arbor Skatepark. If you haven't heard, here are some good local news sources with details:

Ann Arbor Chronicle

Michigan Radio


Michigan Daily

You've probably also noticed that we're still part of the Art Fair, and are still fundraising. This seems confusing, eh? Well, here's the deal...

Having gotten final approval from the City Council, we have all the funding in place to build the skatepark. At this time, contracts are being signed, and all the other red tape that needs to be taken care of before a million-dollar construction project can actually begin. Within about three weeks, the park should be under construction. It'll take about 2-4 months to complete the concrete portions, and landscaping will finish up in the spring. We hope to be skating this baby before the snow flies!

Now for the fundraising piece. Part of our agreement from the beginning was that 10% of each gift to the skatepark fund would go toward an endowment fund for the skatepark. This fund is set up to earn interest, and kick out some money each year to help pay for maintenance and improvements of the skatepark. During our design/build fundraising, we got a total of $700,000 in state/county grant funding, which is incredibly awesome. Problem is, that money can only be used for construction, NOT the endowment. This has caused us to have less money in the endowment than we had planned to have in place, but still have the funds for design and construction.

Right now we have about $28,000 in the Ann Arbor Skatepark Endowment Fund. Our goal from the beginning has been to fund it to the $100,000 level. This means we have about $70,000 more to raise. WE CAN DO THIS! And... YOU CAN HELP!

If you've never given a gift to the skatepark, now's the time. If you have already given, now's the time to consider a brick, or getting a new shirt or sticker. With your help, we can make sure that the maintenance for the skatepark keeps coming as needed, and improvements can be made to increase the awesomeness of the skatepark for years to come.

We know it seems like we keep asking for more and more, but this is happening, and we're almost there! With your help, funding will be in place to keep the skatepark in tip-top shape for decades to come.


Trevor Staples
President, Friends of the Ann Arbor Skatepark

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