Have we said thank you lately?

Last week was the Ann Arbor Art Fair, and as we have for the past 5 years, we put up a booth, got out our swag and info, and hit the streets. We participate in the Washtenaw Nonprofits section of the Art Fair. The block that makes up the Washtenaw Nonprofits is an amazing span of causes that probably don't get that close to each other, except for at Art Fair!

This year we we started Art Fair fresh off the success of City Council approval for the construction contract, as well as the final funding needed to build the Ann Arbor Skatepark. Lots of people braved the heat to stop by and congratulate us, and to drop a few bucks in the bucket for the Ann Arbor Skatepark Endowment Fund.

With temperatures in the 90s for almost all of the Art Fair this year, pedestrian traffic was a bit slower than usual. Still, enough supporters came by to help us raise just about $1,400 for the Endowment Fund. That includes donations in the form of 201 raffle tickets. The winners of the raffle will win one of two skateboard decks. One of the decks is an A2Skatepark logo deck, and the other was generously donated to us by Launch Board Shop. We'll announce the winners today, via Twitter and Facebook. The Ann Arbor Skatepark Endowment Fund will help the City of Ann Arbor pay for ongoing maintenance and improvements to the Ann Arbor Skatepark. The fund level is currently at about $30,000, and our goal is to bring that to $100,000. Because of all our awesome volunteers and supporters, we're on track to meet our goals!

This week we'll have some more details on the timeline for construction of the Ann Arbor Skatepark. At this point all the nitty-gritty, red tape kind of items are being taken care of (such as making sure all the contracts are signed by all the right people). As soon as we have info on groundbreaking and anything related to construction, we'll post here, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our Art Fair booth to help the cause, especially the many volunteers who sweated it out just to help the skatepark! We can't thank you all enough!

Trevor Staples
Friends of the Ann Arbor Skatepark

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